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Veterinarian Referrals

We have access to experienced animal surgeons. Our surgical suite is large and equipped to offer specialized surgeries in a sterile environment with all the necessary diagnostic equipment.
Referral Process
Your clients are instructed to get follow-up care at your hospital. In fact, if you give your client the below referral form, we are able to identify actual veterinarian referals and thus guarantee that we will not accept your client for anything other than your referrals in the future. This guarantee is valid only if your client provides the below referral form prior to surgery being performed. We value your referral and would not do anything to break that trust.
Referral Rewards
We know how hard veterinarians work to acquire new clients...therfore, we are offering $50 rewards to Veterinarians who refer their clients to us for a surgical procedure so long as a) the below referral form is provided prior to surgery and b) the procedure is done at our facility.
Referral Form
Please complete and give to your client so that they can bring it to us for a free surgery consultation.

Veterinarian Referral Form/Letter