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A Variety of Benefits

There are many benefits to doing animal surgery at an outpatient facility.

Outpatient surgery facilities are typically located in neighborhood communities with less hustle and bustle, accessible roadways, and plenty of parking spaces.

Because of our smaller facility, we are able to offer a warmer friendly environment with individualized care for your pet and a personalized one-on-one conversation with our veterinarian.

By using an experienced animal surgeon, we are able to offer high quality standards comparable to inpatient 24/hour facilities, except at a little more affordable price. We do this by limiting our surgical services to non-emergency procedures that do not typically require overnight hospitalization. These procedures can be planned and scheduled within a reasonable time period (typically in the order of a few days). We also offer a FREE surgery consult and our estimates include all follow-up exams so there are no added surprises.

We also pride ourselves on the excellent service that we offer to our clients.