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Animal Surgery Center at Parkland℠ was formed for the sole purpose of offering life improving outpatient surgeries to pets in our surrounding communities. We share a joint facility with Parkland Veterinary Hospital which houses a large surgical suite, advanced medical equipment, and other medical infrastructure and personnel which allows us to offer quality treatments through specialized surgical procedures performed by an experienced animal surgeon. Animal surgeons optionally split their time between different locations and we offer one such location with convenience, accessibility, quality, and reasonable affordability as our cornerstone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of my pet's surgical procedure?

Each surgical case is unique in circumstance and difficulty level which is why we do a complimentary surgical consultation so that we can discuss your case in person and provide a more reasonable estimate. If your pet has recent blood work, X-rays, or other needed diagnostics, then we may not need to repeat them, which also helps with lowering costs. Overall, we position ourselves to provide high quality treatment, by an experienced surgeon, with reasonable pricing typically just below that of larger inpatient 24/hour animal hospital facilities.

Financing and Payment Options

A deposit approximately equal to 50% of the total estimate is required prior to schedueling a procedure with the animal surgeon. We accept cash, credit card, and Care Credit card. CareCredit is a great option for increasing the affordability by using monthly payments to divide the total amount of the bill and spread the cost over time.

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